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Appalachian Forest Heritage Area

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AFHA AmeriCorps Program – Getting Things Done

The Appalachian Forest Heritage Area AmeriCorps program started in 2007 with 10 members. We are now up to 38 members. Each member provides one year of service to their sub-sponsor sites. Members gain professional experience and an education award. The AFHA AmeriCorps program instills the spirit of volunteerism in our members, which they then take with them and share throughout their lives with others.


Our program serves in four major focus areas : conservation, community development, heritage development, and hands-on historic preservation. In 2014-2015, we had 33 sites and 38 members. Members completed 65,167 hours serving the program, their sites, and the community. This included projects on public lands, where 1,720 acres of public land were treated and 1,591 acres were improved, with 1,012 volunteers reported.

AFHA AmeriCorps Members – The Things We've Done! (Intro)

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AFHA AmeriCorps Members – Looking Back At The First Year

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