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The Garlic Mustard Challenge!

Each year, the Appalachian Forest Heritage Area and the Monongahela National Forest team up to challenge you to do your part to keep West Virginia wild and wonderful. Watch here for dates upcoming Garlic Mustard pulls in the spring of 2014.

Garlic Mustard has gained much attention in recent years for its ability to rapidly invade wooded habitats from disturbed areas. The invasive garlic mustard plant threatens the abundant wildflowers and diverse forest ecosystem of West Virginia and much of the United States. Introduced by European settlers for its medicinal purposes and use in cooking, garlic mustard is now affecting not only wildflowers but tree growth and the animals that depend on these native ecosystems.

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The 2009 Garlic Mustard Challenge

New! Photos of 2009 Pull: HERE

The "2009 Garlic Mustard Challenge" has come to an end. Together we went above and beyond our 10,000 pound goal to bag a grand total of 11,722.5 pounds! This couldn't have been possible without the help of everyone working together across four states. Click here to view a breakdown of the results and our 2009 winners!

Join Us!

Get a group of friends and join one of our organized pulls. Visit our Calendar of Events for a full list of our pulls. In fact, you don't have to live in West Virginia to help us reach this goal. Groups in Indiana, Illinois, and Ohio are also participating in this important event!Or, you can even organize your own pull (even if it is your own backyard). Every bag counts! To organize your own pull, please contact We will display your garlic mustard pull on our website.

A prize will be given to the team or individual that pulls the most. Help us reach our goal of 10,000 lbs of garlic mustard this spring.

Thanks to our generous sponsors and great partners!
Not sure what you will need to participate in the challenge? We will provide 33 gallon bags to dispose of the garlic mustard. You may want to bring the following items: cotton gloves (while garlic mustard is not thorny, it can be a dirty mess), closed-toe shoes, weather appropriate clothing, bug repellant, sunscreen, a snack, and water.

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