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Stakeholders Meeting 2015

AFHA Spring Meeting
at Appalachian Forest Discovery Center

AFHA Spring 2015 Stakeholders / Members meeting will be held in Elkins on Wednesday May 13, to showcase the Appalachian Forest Discovery Center at the Darden Mill. Please attend to see the new AFHA museum and this year’s new exhibits, and to learn more about AFHA, our AmeriCorps team, and how you can be involved.

The featured program during the meeting will be discussion of AFHA Tourism Sites Networking. A major goal of AFHA during 2015 is to improve the visibility of our Tourism Sites network, including some major improvements to the VISIT section of our website.

In order to do this, we need information and involvement from the tourism sites within our area. Please come and participate in the discussion of what this might look like, and how AFHA can improve and serve our sites better.

Explore the Appalachian Forest Discovery Center and the West Virginia Railroad Museum in the Darden Mill, while also having the opportunity to meet and talk one-on-one with our AFHA AmeriCorps members and hear about the exciting service they are providing to our communities.

 Please attend for any portion of the meeting that interests you.


Wednesday May 13, Darden Mill (2 ½ Railroad Ave) Elkins WV

10 am —Volunteer service activity (options will include landscaping and planting, trash pick-up)
10 am —AFHA Board meeting. Advisory Council members are welcome to attend
12 noon-Picnic lunch (provided, donation requested)
1 pm — AFHA Stakeholders / Members meeting
Updates on AFHA Progress
Discussion on AFHA Tourism Sites Networking
Members meeting – election of Board members 2015; Advisory Council recognition
3 pm to 5 pm – Darden Mill Open House featuring AFHA AmeriCorps member presentations

Directions: The Darden Mill is located at the corner of Railroad Avenue and First Street, one block south of the Elkins Depot. If the parking lot near the Mill is full, you can park downtown and walk about a block.

Please RSVP To if you expect to be there for lunch.

AFHA Board and Advisory Council

AFHA bylaws provide for an Advisory Council representing various interest groups and counties within our area. The Advisory Council is appointed by the Board from those who volunteer and are interested in participating. At the spring meeting, we invite Advisory Council members to attend, and discuss with us how you can participate in AFHA. (Without taking up too much of your busy time!) If any members would like to volunteer for Advisory Council, please email prior to the meeting.

AFHA Board elections will also be held during the spring meeting. The Board should ideally represent the diversity of AFHA interest groups and geographic areas. AFHA Board meets quarterly, with an expectation of some additional committee work. If you would like to nominate yourself or someone else (who is willing!) to the AFHA board, please email before the meeting. 



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