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Spring 2014 AFHA Stakeholders Meeting

   Photographs courtesy of Sian Dowis

AFHA Stakeholders meeting started with tours of Garrett County on April 30, 2014. Some of the features included:

Oakland B&O Railroad Museum in the restored Oakland Depot (below)


 Garrett County Museum of Transportation (below)


Garrett County Historical Museum (next 4 photos)


Below: Kindness Demonstration Area of Garrett State Forest
with tour by Forest Manager John Denning (on left)


Blue MoonRising Eco-tourism destination with tour of
sustainable cabins made from recycled materials (next 4 photos)


 BELOW:  Attendees and presenters about heritage areas at the AFHA Stakeholders meeting included (from left) Dawn Hein, Garrett County Mountain Maryland Gateway to the West Heritage Area; Joe Sabatino, President AFHA, Phyllis Baxter, Executive Director AFHA, Deidra Ritchie, Canal Place Heritage Area, Robin Summerfield, regional representative for Sen. Ben Cardin, Jeremy Morris, Wheeling National Heritage Area, and Julianna Albowicz, regional representative for Sen. Barbara Mikulski.


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